Climate Action Needs Clean Cars

World leaders have been invited to New York this Earth Day to formalize the Paris climate agreement. A great way for the host state to take the next step in demonstrating the power of leadership is for Governor Cuomo and legislators to establish a forward-looking electric vehicle incentive program that will set New York on the path to becoming a true climate leader.

At this time, New York does not have a rebate program for zero-emission vehicles, which would reduce energy costs for consumers, and improve health, air, and environmental quality for millions of residents.

Both the state Senate and Assembly have introduced plans to change that in their one-house budget proposals; as negotiations gear up, we encourage Governor Cuomo and legislators to come together to make a zero-emissions electric vehicle rebate program a reality.

Environmental Advocates has advocated for a $20 million investment out of the $2+ billion available through bank settlements. 

Tom Precious of The Buffalo News recently wrote a very informative story on this effort. It covers a lot of ground, and I encourage you to take a few moments to read it and consider the tremendous opportunity at hand.