Change Up Your Commute—Try Biking to Work

Julia Randall, a talented writer and a sophomore at Williams College in Williamstown, M.A., interned at Environmental Advocates of New York this past summer. Here Julia writes about her daily commute which benefited the environment!

As a summer intern with Environmental Advocates, I commuted to our downtown Albany office by bike three days a week. The office is about 2.5 miles from my house in Albany, and I could usually make the trip in 15 minutes. Below are a few statistics I calculated about my biking this past summer:

Over the course of the summer, commuting to and from EA by bike,

  • I biked over 120 miles
  • I saved 44,208 grams or 97.5 pounds of CO2 emissions (According to the EPA, 1 mile driven in a passenger vehicle equates to 368.4 grams of carbon emissions)
  • I saved almost 3 gallons of gas, or $6.43 (1 gallon in Albany = $2.25)
  • I burned 4,848 calories, or 1.4 pounds of fat

In addition to saving money, exercising, and helping the planet, I also had a lot of fun. I never got stuck in traffic, never got a parking ticket, and never had to bike in bad weather—one of my generous coworkers always offered to give me a ride home. I also got to see my city in a new way – I noticed new restaurants to try, picked up books and antiques I saw on the side of the road, and admired the colorful brownstones along some of Albany’s oldest streets. On my way home, I sometimes parked my bike and took some pictures, something I probably wouldn’t have taken the time to do if I were driving.

Below are two of my favorite shots from this summer:

My commute became one of my favorite parts of my day. If you want a change of pace and a simple way to reduce your carbon footprint, try biking your commute!