Besting a Bully: Watchdog Report

The Little Guy Won

The public notched an important win against the fracking industry as the state’s highest court affirmed the right of our communities to ban drilling. Municipalities have long retained the right to protect against industries they believe cause harm, but the fracking industry tried to change that, sending their legal team to undermine the judicial process for their own gain. We’re happy to report the bully lost and the little guy won! The ruling empowers citizens not only in New York, but nationwide, by recognizing that no matter how deep-pocketed the fracking industry may be, the public has rights!

Cuomo's Dangerous Raid

Our communities face more than $36 billion in clean water infrastructure (think sewage systems that don’t overflow) needs which the state calls “a gathering storm.” Yet, Governor Cuomo wants to raid funding for these projects to help pay for a new Tappan Zee bridge. It is reckless public policy for the Governor to unilaterally raid federal funds needed for other priority projects solely because he lacks a full financing plan for the bridge. Check out an editorial written by our Peter Iwanowicz in the Albany Times Union.

Protecting Clean Energy Funds

The state has convened expert roundtables on how to proceed with developing clean energy. Our Conor Bambrick is one of the members and we’ve joined with a coalition of partner organizations urging New York to protect clean energy funds into the future. The state has proposed significant changes which would dramatically reduce the incentives available to attract clean energy developers. While we know renewable energy is undergoing enormous growth, removing these incentives too quickly could greatly undermine our long-term renewable energy goals, and blow a hole in Governor Cuomo’s pledge to reduce climate-altering emissions 80% by 2050.