Wasted Green (February, 2008)

New York State is facing a significant gap between the resources needed to operate state government and the money available to meet those needs. According to estimates from the State Division of Budget, the Governor and the New York State Legislature have the unenviable task of closing a budget deficit of more than $4 billion in State Fiscal Year 2008-2009.

Given the projected budget shortfall, Environ- mental Advocates of New York is calling on the state to rethink its fiscal policy in order to:

• Generate additional revenue;
• Maintain, if not increase, staffing at the state’s environmental agencies;• Spend existing revenues more wisely • Minimize increased future costs. 

Wa$ted Green: How Lost Revenue & State Spending Shortchange New York Taxpayers & the Environment outlines just a few simple ways the state can achieve these goals while also protecting New Yorkers and our natural resources. 



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