Unsigned Environmental Bills

Earlier this year, Environmental Advocates of New York called the 2019 state legislative session the “Best Environmental Legislative Session in a Generation” due to passage of several bills that will benefit New York’s environment. While some of these bills have been signed into law, many are still awaiting action by the Governor. The Legislature has done its job, but now time is quickly running out for the Governor to do his. There is still significant legislation awaiting Governor Cuomo’s approval. For example:

The Child Safe Products Act, which would regulate the use of toxic chemicals in children’s products.

ban on chlorpyrifos, an extremely toxic pesticide linked to neurodevelopmental defects, which the Trump administration has refused to regulate.

A ban on PFAS in firefighting foam and a bill that prohibits the distribution and sale of household cleansing products and personal care products containing 1,4 dioxane. Both PFAS and 1,4 dioxane are dangerous chemicals that have contaminated the water in communities across New York.

Other bills awaiting Governor Cuomo’s signature: