State Assembly Exhibits Leadership With Earth Day Agenda

For Immediate Release: April 24, 2018

State Assembly Exhibits Leadership With Earth Day Agenda

The New York State Assembly is expected to debate the “2018 Earth Day Agenda” today. The following statement is from Peter M. Iwanowicz, Executive Director, Environmental Advocates of New York.

“If you are wondering what true environmental leadership looks like, the bills advanced by the New York State Assembly leadership as this year’s ‘Earth Day’ agenda is a great example. Among the bills the Assembly will be taking up is the Climate and Community Protection Act, the most comprehensive and socially progressive climate bill in the country. The Assembly is also advancing a Constitutional Amendment to insert the right to ‘clean air and water and a healthful environment’ into our Bill of Rights.

“Other critically important pieces of legislation establish environmental justice zones, prohibits offshore oil or gas drilling, bans the use of a highly toxic pesticide, chlorpyrifos, which the Trump administration refuses to do, requires oil companies to be insured, and lowers the nitrogen in fertilizers to combat harmful algal blooms. The issues we face and the pressures on our environment are enormous and the suite of bills coming from the Assembly will address the impacts and threats to our health.

“With a steady stream of rollbacks and attacks on environmental progress flowing out of our nation’s capital, it is absolutely necessary that New York leaders step in and protect our environment, our people and our communities. With this package, the Assembly has answered the bell. It is time for the Senate and Governor Cuomo to join them.”