New York’s Green Watchdog Urges “No” Vote on Constitutional Convention

For Immediate Release: October 23, 2017

New York’s Green Watchdog Urges “No” Vote on Constitutional Convention

Albany – Environmental Advocates of New York is urging voters to vote NO on a Constitutional Convention in November. The group strongly opposes a convention, as it would expose to attacks cherished environmental protections enshrined within the Constitution such as Article XIV known as the Forever Wild clause, which preserves precious resources such as the Adirondack and Catskills parks.

Every 20 years, New Yorkers get an opportunity to vote for or against a Constitutional Convention, which allows for the amending of the State Constitution. If approved, a Constitutional Convention would be comprised of 204 delegates (three from each of the state’s 63 Senate districts plus 15 “at-large” delegates) that would be elected by voters in 2018. The delegates to a Convention would be seated in 2019 to discuss amendments for possible advancement to the voters.

Peter Iwanowicz, executive director of Environmental Advocates of New York said, “As Trump continues to put the environment in the hands of the polluters, it’s more important than ever to maintain strong standards and critical safeguards. Our Constitution is the foundation upon which protections such as the Forever Wild clause, established in 1894, are rooted. The last thing we should do is put it at-risk. A process for amending the Constitution already exists – and it works. The clear choice is a NO vote on November 7.”

For more information about the Constitutional Convention, and what it means for all New Yorkers, but especially those who care deeply about our environment and health, please call Max Oppen at 518-462-5526, x245, or visit