- Assembly Passes Groundbreaking Climate Bill; IDC-Led Initiative Awaits Senate Vote

For Immediate Release: June 20, 2017

Assembly Passes Groundbreaking Climate Bill; IDC-Led Initiative Awaits Senate Vote

Albany – Yesterday, the New York State Assembly – led by Assemblyman Steven Englebright and Speaker Carl Heastie – set the bar for climate action at a particularly crucial time for the nation as President Trump shuns science and dismantles clean air and clean energy, and climate programs. The Climate and Community Protection Act sets New York State on the path to 100% clean, renewable energy by 2050, invests in frontline communities who bear the burden of climate change, and builds a green economy focused on worker rights and climate justice. Senator Tony Avella sponsors the bill, which is expected to have a bipartisan majority support of state Senators if it is brought to a vote. It is co-sponsored by all the members of the Independent Democratic Conference, including leader Klein, and members of the Democratic and Republican conferences.

The following statement is attributable to Peter Iwanowicz, executive director of Environmental Advocates of New York:

“Leadership is more than saying you’re on the right side of an issue – it is working tirelessly, relentlessly, and diligently to create solutions, pathways forward, and to deliver on your promises. What the Assembly did yesterday, and pushed for since the first day of session, is true bipartisan climate leadership.

State Senators cannot abdicate their own moral responsibility to act. This is the time for the aggressive and outspoken tactics that have to be taken to protect people and communities. If not when faced with the devastating impacts of climate change, then when?

We call on sponsors, led by Senator Avella and Senator Klein, to do anything and everything in their power to convince their partner, Senator Flanagan, to allow this bill to the floor for a fair and honest vote this week. That’s the kind of climate leadership that New Yorkers, and indeed the nation, needs.”