Wind Insecurity

Environmental Advocates Opposes this Bill


The Clean Energy Standard, adopted by the Public Service Commission in 2016, mandates 50-percent of the electricity consumed in New York State to come from clean, renewable resources by the year 2030. This initiative is integral to meeting the Governor’s aggressive targets for ramping up the use of clean, renewable energy, and reducing climate pollution that harms our public health and economy.

In order to meet the renewable electricity mandate, New York will have to rely heavily on the development of new wind electric generation facilities. This legislation will hinder the development of new renewable resources by prohibiting state agencies from providing funding or other incentives to new wind electric generation facilities located near Fort Drum, effectively cutting off access to six of the State’s high wind energy resource areas.

The United States Department of Defense already has an assessment process in place to address any national security concerns that may be raised over the siting of wind projects in proximity to military facilities, making this bill unnecessary. Instead of inserting itself into military review matters best left to the federal government, the Legislature would be better served by concentrating on policies aimed at combatting the greatest threat to national and global security: climate change.  


This bill prohibits state agencies from providing funding or incentives to new wind electric generation facilities located in six areas defined areas in proximity to Fort Drum.  

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