Safer Children

Environmental Advocates Support this Bill


In 2011, New York banned to sale of children’s clothing containing TRIS because it was thought to be a carcinogen. Flame retardants have been linked to delayed development, respiratory problems in people and pets, and even cancer. Studies have found that flame retardants cause cancer in animals and could be absorbed by children through the skin or hand-to-mouth contact.

According to a report published by the Environmental Protection Agency, there are alternatives to these harmful flame retardants. Eliminating exposure to chemicals that children commonly come into contact with is critical for the safety of public health and the environment.

A ban on organohalogen flame retardants in children’s products is already law in Rhode Island.  As a state that wishes to be thought of as a national leader, New York must also adopt such a ban.


This bill amends Environmental Conservation Law to prohibit the sale of products intended for use by infants and children that contain the organohalogen flame-retardants (OFR’s) beginning July 1, 2019.  When effective, sales of certain products, including toys, car seats, nursing pillows, and strollers that contain OFRs are prohibited. This bill also extends the penalties for violations of existing law covering the flame-retardant TRIS to OFRs.

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