Protecting Public Transportation

Environmental Advocates Support this Bill


The transportation sector is the largest source of climate pollution in New York, representing 34-percent of the state’s greenhouse gas portfolio. Air pollution emitted from tailpipes is a major contributor to smog and poor air quality, which is direct threat to the health and welfare of New Yorkers.   

New York’s climate and clean energy commitments require the state’s transportation sector to transition completely away from the use of fossil fuels to a system powered by clean, renewable electricity by the year 2050. Getting there will take a comprehensive plan and sustained commitment.  New Yorkers will need better access to public transportation systems that are safe, reliable, and robust. If we are to meet our pollution reduction mandates, full funding for public transit systems that serve communities across the state is essential.

This legislation protects public transportation funding streams by preventing the Governor from diverting transit funds for other purposes without the approval of the Legislature. This will ensure that public transportations systems statewide will have access to the funds they need to invest in and maintain their operations.   


This legislation amends the executive law to prohibit the diversion of funds dedicated to public transit systems absent legislative approval.  

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