Private Well Education Act

Environmental Advocates Support this Bill


When New Yorkers buy property served by a private water well, they may not know how to keep their drinking water clean and safe. This bill provides private well owners critical educational materials on pollutants they should test for and actions they should take to eliminate contamination.

Private well owners currently have no drinking water quality protections. There is no requirement in New York State for private well owners to test their water for contaminants like bacteria or arsenic. Private well owners may be unaware that the water they drink is not safe to consume.

This bill instructs the Department of Health to create educational materials, which must be distributed by house inspectors and real estate agents to their clients, to address key questions private well owners may have. What contaminants might be in my water? How frequently should I test for them? What levels are safe?

When New Yorkers take the big financial leap of buying a house, they deserve to know what water quality concerns they might face with private well water. By helping New Yorkers understand the science behind clean water, this bill will empower them to take action to keep their water safe.


The bill amends Section 206 of the Public Health Law, amends Section 444-g and 466 of the Real Property Law, and amends Section 97-b of the State Finance Law to create a public education program on the potential hazards of private well water.

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