Leading By Example

Environmental Advocates Support this Bill


New York is committed to reducing climate pollution by 40-percent of 1990 levels by 2030 and 80-percent by 2050. Meeting these goals requires all sectors of the state’s economy to transition off fossil fuels. The public sector—a category that includes state agencies and authorities, local governments, schools and universities—is responsible for a significant portion of the energy consumed in the state. The Department of Public Service estimates that public entities spend $3-$5 billion annually on energy. As noted in a new report supporting the most recent version of Governor Cuomo’s energy efficiency efforts, reducing energy consumption in the public sector is an opportunity for the state to lead by example when it comes to acting on climate change.
The New York Power Authority has been providing energy efficiency services for publicly owned facilities for over three decades. This legislation allows the Authority to expand its reach by modernizing the types of energy services and financing it can provide while also clarifying that these energy saving opportunities can be accessed by all customers served by the Authority, providing the state with another tool to help meet the State’s climate and clean energy goals.   


This bill amends the Public Authorities Law to enhance and expand the energy-related projects, programs, and services offered by the New York Power Authority. 

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