Bill Memos 2019

Every week during the New York State Legislative Session, Environmental Advocates of New York reviews all of the bills introduced in legislative committees or on the floor of the State Senate and the Assembly. We then issue a memo that summarizes the legislation and describes our position on measures with significant environmental impact.

* Bill memos marked with an asterisk have been signed into law.

The purpose of Environmental Advocates' multi-tiered rating system is to weight bills according to their potential impacts - either beneficial or detrimental - on New York's environment. The "Trees and Smokestacks" rating system (at bottom) is designed to place appropriate emphasis on each bill. At the end of each session these weighted votes will be totaled to arrive at a final score for each legislator.

Please contact Erin Landy at or (518) 462-5526 ext. 221 with inquiries. 

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Memo Note Summary & Evaluation Rating Status Assembly Bill Senate Bill
9 Energy Star State Grants Beneficial In Senate Committee, Passed Assembly A.6599 (Simon, et al.) S.31 (Hoylman, et al.)
8 Environmental Rights Major Benefit Passed Senate, Passed Assembly A.2064 (Englebright, Gottfried, et al.) S.2072 (Carlucci, et al.)
7 NYS Climate and Community Protection Act Major Benefit In Senate Committee, In Assembly Committee A.3876-B (Englebright, et al.) S.2992-B (Kaminsky, et al.)
6 Pesticide-Free Summer Camps Beneficial In Assembly Committee A.1051 (Paulin, et al.) S.1145 (Carlucci, et al.)
5 Ocean Acidification Task Force Beneficial Passed Senate, Passed Assembly A.2573 (Englebright, et al.) S.2411 (Brooks, et al.)
4 *Preventing Overfishing Substantial Benefit Passed Senate, Passed Assembly A.2571 (Englebright, et al.) S.2317 (Kaminsky, et al.)
3 *Oil and Natural Gas Drilling Prohibition Substantial Benefit Passed Senate, Passed Assembly A.2572 (Englebright, et al.) S.2316 (Kaminsky, et al.)
2 Reduce Toxic Mercury in Light Bulbs Beneficial Passed Senate, Passed Assembly A.2501-A (Englebright, et al.) S.2139-B (Sanders, et al.)
1 Environmental Justice Zones Substantial Benefit Passed Senate, Passed Assembly A.1779 (Peoples-Stokes, et al.) S.181 (Serrano, et al.)