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About our Wilderness & Wildlife Work: New York is magnificent, from the beaches of Montauk to the Adirondack peaks to the deep old growth forests in western New York.  These landscapes support an incredible diversity of wildlife, like Atlantic sturgeon who grow to be more than eight feet long and bald eagles who once again soar across the state.

Environmental Advocates is working to protect New York’s vibrant landscapes and beautiful creatures through the conservations of forests, wetlands, and fields, and through responsible practices that keep our waterways clean.

You know when you’re swimming and a slippery rock makes you fall and feel like you broke your tailbone? It’s possible you stepped into glistening invasive ooze commonly referred to as “rock snot.”

An update on the Seneca white deer, Hoosick Falls water contamination, and much more!

New York State is rich in wildlife, particularly our critters. Some are cute. Some others, not so much. But all are important to our ecosystem.

A decommissioned Army depot in Seneca County has become the unlikely home of 200 deer that have a rare recessive gene that makes their fur white. Growing in number over many years, the thousands of fenced acres have been a shelter from predators.

On Friday July 26th Governor Cuomo signed into law a bill that will ban shark fin possession and sale in the state of New York. This is a huge victory in the fight against shark finning. New York is not only the biggest market for shark fin soup on the East Coast, but the biggest Eastern port for shark fin products to enter the US as well. Shark finning is illegal in US waters and has been banned in nine other US states and territories, including California.

But it was cold last winter

That’s the argument new Senate Majority Leader John Flanagan of Long Island gave to the Capitol Pressroom explaining why he doesn’t believe in climate change.

Suffice to say, a lot has been happening recently in Albany, and environmental issues have been front and center.

'Tis the season for apple picking and no one does it better than New York. With many local places to pick your own apples, this is the best time to try out new recipes. Whether you’re vegan, gluten-free, or none of the above, you can enjoy apples in a variety of ways. This really awesome website will help you quickly and easily find apple orchards in your area.

This weekend, Environmental Advocates of New York will have a table in the activist area at the Clearwater’s Great Hudson River Revival Music & Entertainment Festival in Croton, NY. We will be joining dozens of other groups that are committed to environmental protection, social justice, and a host of other issues. Having worked at the festival before, I can say that it is a fun-filled weekend that anyone can enjoy on their own, with friends or with the whole family.

Monday, May 20, 2013

In 1968, during the six-month siege of Khe Sanh — one of the most bitterly fought battles of the Vietnam War — a special U.S. Air Force outfit flew defoliation missions. Called the Ranch Handers, their motto was: “Only you can prevent a forest.”

Monday, May 20, 2013

Selling an island where scientists have experimented with infectious animal diseases since the dawn of the Cold War was going to be difficult enough. But it now appears any prospective buyer won't be able to do much with Plum Island anyway.


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