Aveda Earth Month is here and Environmental Advocates of New York is excited to work with Aveda salons from Albany to Buffalo who are participating to make a difference for clean water in their communities.

In no particular order, we present the 10 public officials in New York State who could have the most influence over environmental action in 2016.

Since 2013, the energy industry has been bringing the danger of spills and explosions to communities across America.

Now that the dust has settled on Albany’s 2013 Legislative session, what happened? Which good bills made it through both houses? Which ones were blocked? Did bad bills gain traction and did rollbacks of protections to our clean air and water win the day?

2008 Annual Report

New York is our home. We all share a responsibility to protect its air, land and water, and that sentiment is right at the heart of Environmental Advocates of New York. We exist to ensure the responsible stewardship of our shared environment— our New York—and we’re not alone. Thousands of New Yorkers lend their voices to our efforts almost every day. Environmental Advocates works tirelessly to hold accountable New York’s leaders, agencies and elected officials for the decisions they make regarding the health of our natural resources, as well as the health of 19 million New Yorkers.

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