Clean Water & Fracking

About Our Clean Water & Fracking Work: Protecting our water and natural resources is the foundation of New York's economic development and quality of life. Environmental Advocates of New York's Water & Natural Resources Program focuses on ways to ensure our waterways are protected for generations to come.

Gas Drilling & Fracking: We are particularly concerned about the potential environmental dangers of industrial gas drilling by means of "fracking," in New York State.

Watchdogging Water Quality: Environmental Advocates is also working to ensure that the state's water pollution permitting program—the method used to regulate pollution discharged into state waters—is enforced. New York currently rubber-stamps and renews thousands of water pollution permits without substantive review, endangering the health of our waters. Environmental Advocates continues to expose the state’s flawed approach to issuing water pollution permits as part of a larger effort to protect New York’s water quality.

The SFY2017-18 budget proved to be a good one for water, with some major victories. One we led the way on, in a battle against the chemical industry, is a package of legislation that provides additional oversight, testing, and protections against rampant industrial chemicals on the market, endangering health, and contaminating water supplies. Few issues have a more direct impact on people’s health than unregulated and untested contaminants.

Banning boat sewage in the St. Lawrence, a swimming pool of chemical exposure, and much more!

If you're like me, you might be surprised to hear that New York allows fracking waste in our landfills. After all, we banned fracking because we think it will cause negative impacts to public health.

I urge county, city, village, and town officials to join with us and submit testimony to the Joint Legislative Budget Hearing on Local Governments that share your financial needs regarding local drinking and wastewater infrastructure.

New York’s clean water infrastructure is in dire shape, and that puts lives in danger and hurts families and efforts to revitalize our communities.

Fracking waste is in the news as it has come to light that many fruit and vegetable crops consumed by Americans may have been irrigated with fracking wastewater – possibly even “organic” crops – as California wrestles with drought.

Closed beaches. No fishing advisories. These are common occurrences, and frequently the result of contaminated waterways from sewage spills or storm driven overflows. In fact, each year tens of billions of gallons of untreated sewage fouls New York's water.

It is the duty of Government to protect the public health of its citizens – and the Albany County Legislature has fulfilled this duty by unanimously passing Local Law “D.” This bill, sponsored by Legislator Bryan Clenahan, prohibits the disposal of any oil and gas waste in solid waste facilities within the county. When it is signed into law, Albany County will become the largest county with a law banning landfill disposal of fracking waste. Albany County will be joining the ranks of Clinton and Cayuga counties.

This winter has been particularly rough for many New York communities, leaving us feeling like spring is a long way off, even though it is right around the corner. As the season changes and we feel the renewed hope inherent in warmer weather and greener surroundings, it reminds us why protecting what we care about is so important.


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